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Have you ever met a man, had this great connection, and believed he was the one you were looking for, only to find out weeks, months or even years later that he was the absolutely wrong for you?

Well, believe it or not, this doesn’t just happen to women.

There were two times in my life when I thought I found “The One.”

But ultimately, I found out I was wrong had invested too much of my time on a woman who was never going to be the life partner I really wanted.

Determining if the person you’re investing in is a very tricky road to navigate. If you believe he is the right one for you before giving him enough time to show his true colors, you’re going to wind up getting hurt or being let down.

And if you take too long to determine he’s the right one, you’re going to wind up wasting your precious time in a relationship that will never be the relationship you really want.

So how do you determine how long it takes to know you’ve found the right guy?

You’ll have to watch to find out.



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