When I was searching for a lifetime partner, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was always in unhealthy relationships and felt extremely insecure about myself. One day I went searching for articles, videos, or anything that would give me some direction, and I stumbled on GPS for Love. I watched Joe’s videos and thought he had a lot of confidence and insight into relationships. I took a chance and contacted him for a consultation. After talking to him, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him.

Joe helped me uncover the real obstacles which were blocking me and helped me get my confidence back…in myself and my ability to find the man I really wanted.

Shortly thereafter, I met my husband. I now wake up knowing my single days are over and I’ve found the love I’ve always wanted. I love him more each day. My life feels fulfilled with an honest, loving partnership with a quality man who loves me for ME. I truly believe that working with Joe changed my life and led me to find the love of my life.


Before I decided to work with Joe I was stuck on a hamster wheel. I was feeling like I was doing the same thing over and over again and not getting positive results. I kept attracting the same types of men: guys who would say they wanted a relationship, but who would never commit. I knew I had to make some changes that I was almost there but I was still missing a critical piece of the puzzle. That’s when I decided to reach out for help.

The GPS for Love Program was exactly what I needed. I learned how to date differently. Joe showed me what I was doing wrong and how to make the necessary changes to put myself in a position to find a great guy.

Just weeks after finishing his program I met a wonderful man. We’re still together and going strong.


Before I went through Joe’s program, I was in a relationship that was constantly on and off again, not setting boundaries or even knowing what I was looking for in a partner and I continued that pattern in the next short relationship after that.

I knew something had to change.

After deep-diving into the program and doing the work I began clearing my path for the right person to land. I learned to trust my gut, I found my power and I learned how easy it was to walk away from what didn’t serve me.

Instead of trying to please a man and make a bad relationship work, I discovered how to put myself and my needs first without feeling guilty. Joe helped me see that I deserved to be treated with love and respect.  I learned that what you seek is seeking you, but you have to trust the process.

I have recently met a man and although the relationship is new it’s like none I’ve ever had before. It’s just ‘easy’ and playful and no drama etc. It’s the most peace I have ever felt in the beginning of a relationship and I’m excited to see where it goes.


Working with Joe changed my life. After being betrayed/cheated on by my husband of a few years I was feeling like a very broken woman, with low self-esteem and low self-worth.

The GPs for Love program helped me get my confidence back and to use that confidence to attract the type of man I was looking for.

That transformation led me to an amazing man that I would not have found if I was stuck in my old patterns and ways. Joe coached and guided me along the way with lots of love, wisdom, & encouragement. My life is better now because I have learned to love myself first and I now have a partner who compliments that love!


I was living my previous days wondering what’s wrong with Me! Why was I always getting the “Low Quality” guys, where I could see other women getting the “good ones”? I started to think something was wrong with me. I was convinced I wasn’t pretty enough to attract the type of man I really wanted.

One day while searching the internet looking for answers I came across an article written by Joe. Turns out that the article would be the answer I was looking for. I decided to reach out and schedule a call with Joe and that call…changed my life!

Joe helped me to understand what was really preventing me from finding the man my heart desired. The call was the beginning of a healing journey that has led to me to having everything I desired, a loving husband, two beautiful kids and the family I always wanted.

I will never forget working with Joe and how he changed my perspective, not just about myself, but about my ability to find the love I always wanted.

Thanks Joe, again and again!


Joe and his GPS for Love Program changed my life in many ways! I wasn’t having much luck in my love life. I had been widowed for over 20 years and over that time had several failed relationships.

I didn’t enjoy dating and wasn’t really good at it.

Joe’s program opened my eyes to why I was struggling and failing in my relationships. He showed me the way to find the type of guy and relationship I really wanted and a short time after finishing his program…I did!

What I love about Joe is that he’s a guy who keeps it real and tells you the truth from his heart.

I am now so much happier having found a man who genuinely loves and appreciates me for who I am “warts and all”. He makes me feel nurtured, loved and protected. There is not a day that goes by where I am not told or shown how special I am. I count my blessings every day! The love we share is amazing, we feel like kids again!

Before meeting Joe, I had a failed marriage and an abundance of failed relationships. I was convinced that the Universe did not intend for me to have the love I longed for.

But Joe’s program along with his consistent guidance and support helped me to change my mindset and subtle behaviors that caused me to attract the wrong men.

Without Joe, I am convinced I would not have found and eventually marry the love of my life. I have not been this happy in my entire adult life! Thank you, Joe!


A year after losing my husband of 35 years, a desire in my heart grew for someone that would bring me happiness again. Not wanting to be alone and having someone care about me were my main motives for joining several dating sites. So, I started the dating process.

After getting home from another unsuccessful date, I realized this was becoming a recurring pattern. I would talk to men, primarily texting, and we’d discover common interests. After one or two dates, either myself or the guy would realize we weren’t suited for each other. Mostly the guys. I accepted the dates because I felt important and cared about. Little did I realize I needed more substantial qualities when looking for a potential partner. There had to be a better way to meet quality guys because I wasn’t having any luck at all.

The start of 2020 produced a spark in me to better myself as I looked for opportunities to enjoy life again. And find a new man in my life. It was a year of discovery and boldness as I signed up for a six week course of salsa dancing lessons and continued for almost 2 years. This event reminded me of another time when I bought a 1980 bright yellow Toyota Celica with a stick shift. In both instances, the motivation to try it outweighed the knowledge and skill required to master it. Sometimes, you just need someone who knows how to help you get there. And that’s where Joe showed up.

While browsing through Facebook one night, I came across Joe’s “GPS for Love” site. After I reached out to Joe, I found him to be honest, personable and very knowledgeable about relationships – what makes them work and what makes them fail.

Our talk afterwards led to a journey towards self-discovery and awareness of desired qualities I wanted in a man. It had nothing to do with luck but with intention. But it also led to some “mirror time” on myself. What was I doing wrong? Why was I accepting inferior quality men?

Upon going through Joe’s program, I immediately realized 3 things:

1) Mindset awareness – Not aligned with what I really wanted in a quality man. My mindset needed to match the qualities I desired in a man; otherwise, I’ll continue selecting incompatible men.

2) Strategy awareness - I had no system or strategy in place to get a quality man. I relied on emotions only.

3) Actions awareness – my actions were in conflict with finding a quality man.

Each module in Joe’s program helped me build confidence and self-awareness in who I really wanted to become. And this new persona would attract a quality man I’d want in my life.

This program allowed me to screen men effectively I learned to view rejection not as emotional defeat but just incompatibility and a sign to move on – Or NEXT as Joe likes to say…”NEXT!”

I started this program in January, 2020 and met my future husband, Jim, 4 months after I completed the modules. He proposed 18 months later.

My advice for other women is “know thyself” as Plato once ascribed - The importance of looking inwards before taking any steps forward.

If you need help in making the internal and external changes and learning a strategy which is aligned with predictable, actions, then Joe’s program might be just what you need. It was for me!


When I first met Joe I was struggling to meet quality men online.

At this stage in my life there weren’t a lot of viable options to meet a quality single man, so like most other single women I tried online dating and it was horrible. The men I was meeting weren’t being honest and upfront with what they really wanted and I was tied of all the lies, deceit and dishonesty.

I began to question myself and my judgment. I was tired of investing in the wrong men and it seemed like there was a part of me that was getting used to consistently getting hurt or let down I was struggling with meeting a man online.

I knew I wanted a healthy relationship with a quality man but I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. I wanted help from someone who had experienced that kind of relationship but I also wanted a man’s point of view.

Joe’s story of what he went through and how he turned his love life around to find his wife caught my attention. So I decided to work with him

In talking to Joe, going through his program and having his ongoing support (we even met up for coffee when he was in the area on vacation) I recognized where I needed to do things differently.

I became clear on the changes I needed to make and what I was no longer willing to accept from a man, because part of my pattern is that I would tolerate much more than I should have.

And those changes paid off. I met a wonderful man…online! Rob and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary and I am very happy. Ironically, just before I met him I was at the point of deleting my account.

The holidays were approaching and I wanted to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends without having to deal the distraction, disappointment or being let down that was familiar. But something inside wouldn’t let me, and that’s when I met Rob!

Thanks Joe!



What if attracting an available, quality man who adores you took a few simple tweaks in the strategies you are implementing right now?

Not complicating your dating strategy.
Not getting on every possible dating app out there.
Definitely not settling for less than what you deserve.

But instead - upgrading how you are presenting yourself right now so you can attract the type of man you've been desiring in your life.

We want to support you to do exactly that. We will hop on a 15-20 minute call where we will look at the type of men you're attracting (or not attracting), what your dating experience has been like, and the types of men you've chose as relationship partners to give you instant feedback and suggestions to help you dramatically upgrade your love life and attract your soulmate into your life.