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A few years ago I decided to shut the doors on my chiropractic practice…for good.

I wish I could say that this happened because of the recession, Obamacare or some other outside force,
but that wouldn’t be the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is, I was very unhappy. And had been for a long time, but I couldn’t understand why.

For years I thought something was wrong with me.

I had everything that was supposed make me happy, a great wife, three beautiful kids, a loving and supportive family, great friends, a nice home, lots of material possessions, and a career that I was good at.

So why was I unhappy?

Because there was something inside of me that knew something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was.
And that feeling of not knowing what it was, ate away at me like a bunch of vultures preying off the carcass of a dead animal.

It was horrible!

I had everything a person could want, but I would wake up every day feeling like I had a 100 lb cement block sitting on my chest.

Although I tried for a long time to figure out why I was unhappy, it wasn’t until I was sitting in a Jack Canfield Seminar (The Chicken Soup for the Soul guy) that I finally understood.

Jack shared a story that CHANGED MY LIFE!

Now I won’t go into the details, but that story made me realize that there was a bigger purpose for my life.
It made me realize that I wasn’t living MY LIFE.

I was living the life that my parents and society made me believe I should live, not the life I was created to live.

The life that said, go to school, pick a career, make good money, get married, have a family and save enough money so that one day you could retire and live comfortably for the rest of your life.
That was the narrative I was sold on.

But the problem was, that formula left me with a burning hole in my soul,
Even though on the outside everything may have appeared differently.

I did everything I was supposed to do, yet I was miserable.

So what was I to do? Renounce my earthly possessions, leave my family and move to India to find my purpose?


Although that thought did cross my mind and scared the crap out of me, I loved my wife, I loved my kids and I loved everything else I had, including my earthly possessions.

I didn’t want to give up the things I loved, I just wanted to find that peace in my soul.

And that desire to find that peace led me on an incredible journey,



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