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One morning in the middle of struggles I was writing in my journal.
Now journaling is not something I had been doing for a long time.
At this point in my life it was something I was doing on and off for less than a year.

But my journaling wasn’t like most people’s.
I wouldn’t just write down my thoughts and feelings in a notebook.

That’s how my journaling initially started, but somewhere along the way it morphed into a dialogue.
A dialogue with something or someone from outside of me.

Now some people call this “something” God.
Others call it The Universe, The Divine, Spirit, Source etc.
To me it’s all the same.
The name we give it is just that, a name.
What matters to me is WHAT this source is.

Well, this source told me “You need to help others find love!”

And after staring at my notebook, wondering if what I just channeled was correct, my response was “What the F*ck do I know about that?”

What came next was an explanation.

“You have what most people want. A happy, honest, fulfilling relationship with someone who is your true partner in every sense of the word.”

“There is this myth out there that men can’t be faithful, are afraid of commitment and do not know how to love a woman.”

“That may be true for a lot of men, but there are a lot of quality guys out there like you who are wonderful husbands, partners and fathers.”

“Women need to hear from men like you.”

“You are going to be an example of the type of man/partner that woman are looking for.”

I was also told…

”Look at your journey. You ended an engagement just 28 days before walking down the aisle and you were able to figure out how to find the love you really wanted.”

Now I wish I could tell you that God/Universe gave me an instruction manual and how to help others find love,
but that’s not how it happened.

Like most things in life I discovered that was just another part of my journey. Something that would reveal itself as I continued down the road.

I’ve learned so many things during this journey.
It hasn’t been an easy and smooth road (Try telling your family, friends and patients that you are walking away from your career to help others find love).

Everyone, except for my wife Natalie, thought I was nuts.

And to this day they still try to question my decision.

I constantly get asked, “Don’t you miss being a chiropractor even a little?”
And every time my answer is the same,”NO!”
The truth is, not even for a second.

Because the joy and fulfillment I get in leading someone to their truth and helping them find the love they were created to have is much more rewarding than adjusting someone’s neck and helping their headaches go away.

Being a chiropractor helped me fix spines, doing this work helps me heal hearts.

And as we all know, there is nothing greater in life than LOVE.
It truly is the greatest gift of all.

SO that’s my journey.

That’s why I walked away from being a chiropractor and that’s why I now do what I do.

You may think it’s crazy, courageous or even foolish.
And no matter what you think, it’s ok. Because now when I get up, there is a purpose for my life and that 100lb cement block is gone.

And that has been one of the many gifts The Universe has rewarded me with for doing this work.

The freedom for me to do what I love and make a difference in the world.


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